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• 42% of parents do not monitor the content of the messages sent and received by their teens;1

• 50% of teens (aged 13-18) frequently communicate online with someone they’ve never met in person;2

• 42% say they have posted information about themselves on the Internet so others may contact them;

• 30% have talked about meeting someone whom they have only met through the Internet;

• 12% have learned that someone they were communicating with online was an adult pretending to be younger;

• 37% have received a link to sexually explicit content;

• 11% were solicited online by adults and kept the incident from their parents;

• 28% of teens admit to daily using a code to signal to their correspondent that a parent is watching;

• 17% believe that online communication with people they do not know is OK because it is not “real.”


  • General Internet Safety:


  • Internet Filtering Software:

  • Internet Safety Training:


  • Internet Crimes Against Children:

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