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Suzanne Stanford – My Internet Safety Coach

My Internet Safety Coach’s Tip - Don’t be a Phish!

Hey Parents – Don’t forget to tell your kids that online “spoofing” is no joke. It’s used by phishers (crooks) who want to hook on to your personal information by sending you an email telling you they want to update their files. Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, The scary thing is that a spoof site looks exactly like the site you’re used to visiting – even down to the submenu titles, copyright notices, and the real sites security certificate!

Don’t be a phish – Be a shark! Be very careful about giving out your personal and financial information and NEVER give out information to anyone from an email request. If you think the contact may be legitimate, call their customer service department to verify the request BEFORE giving out any information. This is one example of when using the phone is better than using the net.

Signing off: Suzanne – My internet safety coach

“Your safety is my business”

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